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Meet Louie,

Effortlessly converse with data via integrated genAI-first notebooks,
dashboards, automation, and APIs that learn alongside your team

query databases

Easily write natural text to 

Get results tuned to your data and goals. Louie continuously learns alongside your team & tools in order to improve how the whole organization works with data, from senior staff taking bigger leaps & bounds to  regular staff self-serving without worrying about queries and code.

Did we mention you can live collaborate on the same analysis?

Connect to your data and start experiencing the generative AI era of data analysis

  • We taught Louie to query DBs, run code, learn from use, and call an ever-growing toolbox

  • Use Louie to explore solo more easily, live collaborate with teammates, and save for later use

  • Connect data and go, or accelerate special projects by making plugins & working with our AI team

  • In one environment, work across many databases and APIs, from SQL & log to vector & graph

  • Start with genAI-first notebooks & dashboards, and grow to AI APIs, pipelines, & autonomy


Arrange for early access to Louie.AI and the self-hosted & air-gapped editions

After years of rigid dashboards, weak search, and time-intensive data science notebooks,
it's time for something smart & easy

Query easily

Get the right tables, fields, & syntax


You know what you need - write that, and let Louie handle the details.

Something off? Skim the generated query and interactive results, and fix anything with just a few more words.

Share your session, collaborate live, save the results, and turn them into reusable dashboards, automations, and APIs


Analyze naturally

Need a database query or some Python analysis? We taught Louie to use GPT models with data science tools and techniques, so you can now use natural language to quickly iterate to your goals.

Generate & run database queries, Python data analysis, and interactive visualizations

Ask generative AI to reason over your data

Code escape hatches when helpful

Visual power tools

With genAI-first notebooks and dashboards, easily generate and explore interactive visualizations tuned to your goals, including large-scale GPU experiences

Bar charts, scatter plots, time series

Heatmaps, treemaps, and diagramming

GPU visual graph analytics

GPU geospatial analytics


Begin your journey with
AI notebooks & dashboards,
and grow to
AI automation, pipelines, & autonomy

Built to keep your data safe.

  • SSO, RBAC, & prompt controls

  • Secure Python & shell AI sandboxes

  • Private LLM APIs, sovereign regions, & bring your own LLM

  • OpenAI, Azure, Anthropic, Groq, and more

  • We send queries & metadata to LLMs, not your data, unless asked

  • Result explanations & audit logs

  • Regular pen testing

  • Works with read-only database accounts

  • Sign up for the Early Access Program for SaaS, self-hosting, & air-gapping

Join the Early Access Program as we bring
to more communities and launch the self-hosted versions

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